The following are the dates and locations of disaster relief effort mission trips, workgroup mission trips, and disaster relief training events organized by the American Baptist Men USA. Men and women are both invited to participate in all these events.

For more information regarding these disaster relief mission trips, workgroup mission trips, or training events please email Jack Cobb at or (Home) 304-757-8081 or (Cell) 304-206-8462. You can also contact current President Bob Slechta at or 402-667-0618.

Nebraska - Executive Committee Meeting / Disaster Training 
March 21 - 24
Executive Committee Leadership, National Disaster Leadership
Spring Work Party - Green Lake WI
April 2-8
Lucky Ray / ?
ABMen Great Falls MT
April 26-29
Bob Slechta / Bill Morningstar
ABMen North Dakota Roundup 
June 1-3 
Bob Slechta / ?
Work Party - Bacone College 
June 11-15
Jack Cobb / Lucky Ray / Bob Slechta
Green Lake, WI - Executive Committee / National Conference / Fall Work Party 
September  5 15 
Bob Slechta / Bill Morningstar / Lucky Ray / Jack Cobb / Dave Cross
Nicaragua Mission Trip 
November 2-11
Lucky Ray / ? 

The American Baptist Men (ABM) have a monthly meeting on the first Saturday of each month.  We meet at Bella's Café on Broad St., at 8:00 am.  We also have a Bible study following the meeting.  We enjoy meeting together for Bible study, food, and fellowship.

The ABM are involved in several projects.  We serve a meal for the Wednesday night children's & youth activities once a month, host the coffee hour once a month after the traditional service, and also do various service projects around the church.  We have also served breakfast at Care Corps, and co-sponsor the hotdog and pop booth during John C. Fremont Days.  Most of the funds raised during our various events are donated to mission projects.

Meet at Belle's Café at 8am on the FIRST Saturday of the month.

Call now : +1.4027211265