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K-6th Grade

FBC:  YOU Are Invited
Wednesday, March 21st 

@ 6:15 PM

We are gathering our Kid’s Club, Asylum Youth, and their families, to enjoy dinner with us and then join us for a night of playing  Bingo together, and want to invite YOU to join in the fun! Some of you have already helped by donating prizes, but we want you to get to know the people whose lives you are impacting, and want you to join us for both the meal and playing Bingo. There is no charge for the evening and lots of prizes…so mark it on your calendar now and plan to join us that evening!

Kid’s Club has had a wonderful year! We have an average attendance of about 25-40 students. Learning about Old Testament history, prophets and leaders 
has been our topic for this year. One of the greatest blessings has been the willingness of additional adults to step in at the last minute to help out, monitor or even dramatize a story for us. Thank you so much.