ABMen of Nebraska Newsletter
October 1, 2018

Men:  We need you to be a member.  We need your support.  I know that you can buy two $5 meal deals (excluding tax) with the $10 that it will cost you to join ABMen, but not only is there a need for your dues payment, but there is a greater need for your involvement in the life of your community and state.  How can American Baptist Churches of Nebraska use ABM-NE to reach out to individuals and communities around the state? ABM-NE should be in the foreground of this work.  A wonderful example of this aid is already being done by the Scottsbluff church through its Firefighter Ministry.  Contact Bob Howe about joining.

Men’s Conference
New officers for ABMen were elected at the conference with their terms beginning in January of 2019.  Todd Ray was elected President Brad Pope becomes Executive Vice President; Secretary is Rick Wheatly; Treasurer Craig Erickson; Glen Dappen is Financial Chair; Bob Howe is Membership Chair; Zach Braxton is new blood on the board as Publicity Chair; Bob Slechta is Disaster Relief Chair
; and Paul Marine continues as Pastor Counselor.

Disaster Relief
It will be through our disaster relief that work groups could be organized to assist our neighbors and towns.  The protocol for deciding 
selection of a project has yet to be established.  It will be disseminated to you when completed.  Again, you need to be a part of this outreach.

Camp Merrill
Zip Line:  The Zip Line has been equipped with the new braking system.  It provided a safe and quick passage down the line which in turn allowed more time for other activities.  Work on the line continues this fall as two anchor poles will replace the Oak tree on the north side with two new platforms being constructed.   

Boundary Fence:  The eastern boundary fence along Road 30 has been constructed and access to the east side is through two 16-foot gates that are chained and locked.  Attention is now on the property where the camp’s lagoon is located. There has been no fence there.  The new fence will run along the north and west side of that property.  It has been plotted and with its completion, the camp will be completely fenced in.  Both fence projects are a quarter mile each.

Contribution Campaigns: Since September 2010, ABMen have raise $69,886.55 for various projects at Camp Moses Merrill.

Golf Tournament:  The fall men’s golf tournament will be held at Mahoney Golf course in Lincoln on October 13th.  Registration will start at 7:30. The money raised supports two seminary students.  Please plan to attend, but if not, you can always donate to this cause.

In Christ,
Craig K Erickson

I wanted to update you on some of the items we discussed at our meeting today.

Oct. 14 - we are in charge of the coffee hour after the traditional service  Wayne, Mike, & Joel will bring the cookies, but please come & help serve if you can.
Oct. 17 - we are responsible for the Wednesday night meal.  We will be serving pizzas.  If you would like to donate $5 for the cost of a pizza, please give your money to Mike Raasch.  From my count, we need money for 4 more pizzas (we will be getting 10 total).  If you would like to bring cookies for dessert, please let me know.
Oct. 18 - the downtown Halloween event (5:00 - 7:00 pm).  Please feel free to come & help.  We will be located on the southwest corner of 6th & Main.  If you would like to donate hot dogs, buns, or candy for this event, please let me know.
Nov. 17 - we plan to serve a breakfast at Care Corps - more details will follow as we get closer.

We also discussed going on a trip this fall.  Some of the suggestions were the Moses Merrill monument south of Bellevue, Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City, & the Kearney archway.  If you have any other ideas, please let me know.  We will probably try to do this before the middle of November.


The American Baptist Men (ABM) have a monthly meeting on the first Saturday of each month.  We meet at Bella's Café on Broad St., at 8:00 am.  We also have a Bible study following the meeting.  We enjoy meeting together for Bible study, food, and fellowship.

The ABM are involved in several projects.  We serve a meal for the Wednesday night children's & youth activities once a month, host the coffee hour once a month after the traditional service, and also do various service projects around the church.  We have also served breakfast at Care Corps, and co-sponsor the hotdog and pop booth during John C. Fremont Days.  Most of the funds raised during our various events are donated to mission projects.

Meet at Bella's Café at 8am on the FIRST Saturday of the month.

Call now : +1.402.721.1265