ABW Meetings

        1:30 PM FIRST Thursday of each month

Esther Circle:

        2PM SECOND Monday of the Month

   Missionary:Rev Duane & Marcia Binkley

                       Dr. Tim & Kathy Rice

Hannah Circle:

         1PM SECOND Tuesday of the Month

    Missionary: Kihomi & Nzunga

                       Gordon & LeeAnn Hwang

                       Mike & Becky Mann

Hands for Christ:

        7PM THIRD Monday of the Month

   Missionary:Rich & Laura Freeman

                       Rev. John & Rhonda Reed

Naomi Circle:

        12:30PM FOURTH Thursday of the Month

   Missionary:Rev. Jorge & Hermelinda Damasceno

                       Rev. Ruth E. Mooney

Our Vision Statement
The primary focus of the American Baptist Women’s Ministry and AB Girls is to be a fellowship of women and girls who show our love for God through prayer, through visitation, through fellowship, and through mission projects which help our faith and relationship with God to grow, that we may reach out for Christ to our church   family, to the community, and to our world.


Our Mission Statement
In commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to the mission of the church and through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, American Baptist Women’s Ministries provides opportunities for each woman and girl to:
     * Build God’s faith community
     * Become and develop as God’s person
     * Serve God’s world


Mizpah Benediction
May the Lord watch between me and thee, while we are absent one from the other.
Genesis 31:49


2017-2019 Mission Focus


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