Our kids have started back to college. We would like to remember them with a love gift again this year. Christian Ed has approved starting the love gift with $400 from the Youth Endowment Fund.

Everyone who would like to remember our college kids are asked to contribute to this college love gift.

There are envelopes in the pews and on the table.

We currently know of 7 college kids: Jessica and Megan Schollmeyer, Justine Konz, Eli Wiese, Sabrina Depue, Raymond Godina and Annie High. If you know of any kids that we have not mentioned please let us know so they can be included in our love gift.

We are asking to provide a picture and a short biography of where they are going to school and what they are studying. These will be published so we get to know them better.

Thank you for your help and love in remembering our kids.

Christian Ed


We are going to be looking together through the book of Romans, in tandem with some studies Pastor Richard is leading. He will regularly provide some basic presentations, and then allow time for you to comment, post questions, and discuss together. About once a week, he will check in to see if there are unanswered questions to address, and about once a month add more material to further the discussion. If you have private questions, feel free to contact Pastor directly at the church office, or via email:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.  Our goal was $2,000, and we received almost $6,000!  Thank you very much for your support and generosity.

A new study series called “befriend” is listed under Pastor's picks. Pastor  encourages you to take time to view this series on your own or with a friend as we develop our churches outreach.

Call now : +1.402.721.1265

Outreach Fund

If you would like to contribute funds that will be used for Care Corps, the Washington School outreach, and the Wednesday night youth & children's activities, you can put your donations in the envelopes marked "Local mission giving". These envelopes are on the back table of the sanctuary and in the family center.
Some of this money will be used to purchase coats, hats, gloves, socks, and other items that will be given out as needed.

Prayer Ministry

​In addition to the prayer cards in the pews, we have placed some of these cards on the Joash Box behind the last pew of the    sanctuary.  You can write your prayer requests on these cards and place them in this box, and they will be mentioned during the prayer time of the worship service.  You can also continue to use the prayer cards in the pews and place them in the offering plate.